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Kirsty Shepherd The bus had a sign saying: "Please give up this space if needed for a wheelchair user." The court found the company should do more to persuade non-wheelchair users to move from wheelchair spaces, but did not have the legal power to remove them. 'Just not fair' Ms Shepherd said the Arriva driver told the passengers to get off, saying it was her fault the journey could not go on. "He leant forward and said 'I can't let you on กระเป๋า h&m ดีไหม love, I've got a pushchair on'," she said. "I said 'well please ask her to move'. He said 'I can't do that'. Image caption Doug Paulley could not get on a FirstGroup bus because a woman with a pushchair refused to move from the wheelchair space The woman with the pushchair moved of her own accord but the driver still would not let Ms Shepherd on. "The people on the bus started shouting saying 'just get the next bus, we've got homes to get to'," she said. Ms Shepherd added that she spoke to the bus driver's manager, but he was still not willing to let her on board. "He let the passengers get off and have a go at me... it was just not fair." Arriva said: "Our customer service team have had extensive conversations with Ms Shepherd about the incident and we are investigating this as a matter of urgency.

Brightons approach was knocked back by the Blues earlier today but the club are braced for a second bid from the promotion hopefuls. Duffus, 21, opened the scoring in the u-23s 3-1 win over Manchester United at Leigh Sports Village last night. 14:30 25 asos พร้อม ส่ง facebook years of NSNO doing transfers NSNO at 25 Interesting read (and word art) from the fellas over at NSNO . 14:27 13:44 It's *really* quiet yano Im purely including this because the dude in the Twitter handle looks like a 17th century Musketeer... 13:07 Koeman quizzed on his goalkeepers 12:49 'Best window ever' Pretty much agree with this, me. Although I am obviously a neutral... กระเป๋า ZARA I'm not arsed if we don't sign anyone now. Getting rid of all these players has made this the best window ever. Everton Aren't We (@EvertonArentWe) January 31, 2017 Two more for Moyes... 'Bill got bored' Standard Liege's forward Ishak Belfodil An agent involved in Evertons aborted move for Ishak Belfodil claims Ronald Koeman had a sudden change of heart over the player - and Bill Kenwright got a bit bored.

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