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Image copyright PA Image caption Huge crowds greeted Nelson Mandela in Brixton during his 1996 state visit And even the most uncontroversial of state visits, that of President Mandela in 1996, was not without political purpose. There was a feeling in the Foreign Office that South Africa was beginning to slip away from the West towards the unaligned nations, and they wanted to hug Madiba close and remind his country of Britain's anti-apartheid credentials. More recently, in 2014, the state visit of the Irish president to Britain was used as another step of reconciliation. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Irish president's state visit in 2014 drew former IRA leader Martin McGuiness to Windsor Castle Martin McGuiness, the former Northern Ireland deputy first minister and former IRA leader, not only put on white tie and tails for a state banquet at Windsor Castle, but he also stood for a toast to the Queen. And the state visit of President Xi in 2015 was a deliberate attempt by George Osborne, the then Chancellor, to curry favour with the Chinese and boost British trade links. As for American presidents, only two have been granted full state visits during the current Queen's reign: President Bush in 2003 and President Obama in 2011. What is unusual is the speed with which Mr Trump has been issued with an invitation for a state visit, just days into his presidency. Both Messrs Bush and Obama had to wait until well into their terms of office before they got the call. The haste reflects the importance the prime minister places on securing a good relationship with the new president and winning a post-Brexit trade deal, even if there is some political cost. 'Some experience in these matters' Mr Bush's visit was by no means uncontroversial, coming so soon after the beginning of the Iraq war.

But by 2010 nearly 70 percent of them did." Certain kinds of young workers are more likely to receive subsidies from the older generation, like aspiring artists. They get the most help, too: 53 percent of them pay rent with their parents' assistance. Blue-collar workers get the least help, specifically "people who work in farming, construction, retail and personal services," the Times reports. The Times also finds that young people in big cities especially lean on their parents: They take in an average of $3,500 a year. While some aspects of the data seem to support negative stereotypes of millennials, other aspects upend stereotypes altogether. For example, it's not just artists who get allowances well into their twenties; a whopping 47 percent of STEM workers do too. In fact, twenty-somethings in STEM fields are the second most likely group to receive support after people pursuing right here careers in arts and design. Perhaps they are taking Tim Cook's advice to heart and holding out for jobs that are lucrative as well as meaningful. Why do parents continue helping children into their early twenties or beyond? It seems to be, largely, because they can. Along with other researchers from the University of Michigan, Wightman analyzed decades of data to put together a brief in 2013 called " Historical Trends in Parental Financial Support of Young Adults ." They point out that support varies significantly by race and class.

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The researchers used activity trackers to record sleep patterns and physical activity of 118 graduate students with full-time jobs. Each participant, and one person he or she lived with, also completed surveys about sleep, exercise and feelings of mistreatment at home or work. Previous research shows that employees who are belittled or insulted by colleagues are likely to vent their frustrations and behave angrily toward people outside of work, says study co-author Shannon Taylor, a management professor at the University of Central Floridas College of Business. The new study backs up this idea, but offers a bit of good news, as well: Employees who averaged more than 10,500 steps a day or burned at least 2,100 calories were less likely to mistreat their cohabitants than those who averaged fewer steps or burned fewer calories. The researchers even calculated the exact energy expenditure needed to protect against work-to-home emotional spillover. Burning an additional 587 calories, the equivalent of a 90-minute brisk walk or an hour-long swim for a 195-pound male, can substantially reduce the harmful effects of workplace undermining, they wrote. The findings also revealed that when employees felt they had a bad nights sleep because of work issues, they were more likely to be grouchy at home. When youre tired, youre either less able or less motivated to regulate yourself, says co-author Larissa Barber, professor of psychology at Northern Illinois University. Physical activity seems to counterbalance poor sleep, Barber says, because it promotes healthy brain functions needed to properly regulate emotions and behavior. This study suggests that high amounts of exercise can be at least one way to compensate for sleep troubles that lead to negative behaviors at home, she says. Barber acknowledges that finding time to work out and get a full nights sleep can be difficult when work pressures are mountingand that often, job stress can directly relate to sleep quality.

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