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Astute Swimsuits Secrets Broken Down

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Bathing Suits, Straight from the Ballet Studio Costume — and now swimwear — designers Reid & Harriet on the challenges of collaboration, and why their suit costs so much. The New York City Ballet’s "Scherzo Fantastique,” choreographed by Justin Peck and costumed by Reid & Harriet Design. On a late afternoon in April, the ballerina Isabella Boylston and the costume designers Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung wound their way through the halls and up the narrow stairs of the American Ballet Theater, peering into studios until they found an empty one. They were there for a fitting. Not minding the reporter present, Boylston slipped out of her leotard and into the garment Jung handed her, a bathing suit with a low back printed in mottled bands of dusky blue, peach, algae green, and coral. “Guys, this looks really good!” said Boylston, spinning to look at herself in the mirror. “It does have tight legs.” “Yeah, there’s no stretch for some reason,” Bartelme said. “Do you feel it pulling down on your shoulders? “No, up here feels good.

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